About us

VICK COPY INC. is conveniently located across the street from the North Gate of Berkeley University, has been serving the whole Bay Area over 30 Years


VICK COPY INC.is a printing company equipped with state of the art technologies to provide you with direct online purchasing of custom ordered printed products. Many of our services can be ordered with a 24 Hr. turnaround after approval.

Why print With Us ?

Well, that’s a silly question. We have been delivering great quality and personalized service for over 30 years With our high-quality printing experts and affordable pricing, the real question is, “Why wouldn’t you print with us?”

VICK COPY INC. is the leading online print production company dedicated to helping customers stand out from the crowd with their printed materials. Whether you are printing brochures for your nonprofit organizations, business cards for your business, postcards for your startup or invitations .

Our vision is to be a globally recognized figure and authority that provides high-quality printing services to individuals and businesses around the world. We aim to be the company that people turn to when they want fast, quality and same-day printing services.
Our mission is to the No.1 company that people go to for high-value, quality printing services. We strive to provide sought-after superb printing services to people anywhere in the world. At VICK COPY INC., quality assurance and timely delivery is our never-falling standard. 
No matter the quantity your project entails, we can get it done. With us, you can have 10,000 booklets or 50,000 postcards ready in 24 hours. Yes, we mean it! At VICK COPY INC., we take quality and value seriously. Your satisfaction is very important to us. While we may not be your cheapest option, we are your best. We know this because we collaborate with companies and businesses, who like us, understand your needs and get things done fast.
VICK COPY INC. stands for exceeding quality and value, while providing exceptional customer service. We strive for perfection while bringing value to our dear customers. 
Work with us today! To be honest, you’ll have only one regret; that you didn’t try us sooner.