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Vick Copy Inc. is the official commercial printer of Berkeley, CA and surrounding cities!

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4 important reasons

Why Vick Copy As Your Print Shop


Fast Delivery

Vick Copy provides a quality, efficient and timely turn around for all of your printing needs. On a deadline? Let us know and we’ll help you make it.

High Quality

All of our printing products and orders are crafted with extreme care. Only the best quality paper, ink, and necessary products are applied to every job.

Experts Team

Our team at Vick Copy has been in the printing business for decades. We are amongst the best in the industry and our delivery on work reflects that.



Vick Copy is a trusted partner with many businesses in Berkeley and  surrounding areas. All of your information and strategies are safe with us. 


Professional Printing Services

Vick Copy provides a professional printing service that stands apart from the rest. With experience in same day Scientific Research Posters, Booklets and Postcards we strive to only produce quality prints!






What People Are Saying

I really needed a scientific poster created for one of my end-of year symposiums. I had 0 design experience and Vick Copy completely turned around a poster I was proud to present

Adeline West

Med Student

Printing postcards in mass quantities isn’t an easy job…Vick Copy delivered and managed to impress with their design work. Simply outstanding.

Rachel Graham

Small Business Owner

Printing hundreds of booklets on short notice was a seemingly impossible task…and then I bumped into Vick Copy. I was extremely grateful (still am!) for their services.

Theresa Reeves


Custom prints at Vick Copy is a gold standard! They’re really helpful in choosing designs and delivering phenomenal results.

Ada Leonard

R & D

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Vick Copy provides printing services in Berkeley and the surrounding areas. Whether you are a student or a business professional in downtown, Vick Copy can deliver the best full color printing, and scientific research poster printing.
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