Blueprint & Architectural Drawing Plans

Blueprint & Architectural Drawing Plans


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VICK COPY INC. Blueprints Printing For Engineering Prints and Architectural Blueprints

VICK COPY INC. works with engineers and architects needing blueprints printed in San Francisco and surrounding areas in order to provide color or black and white drawings/prints.
After providing us with the appropriate information, we can provide a proof and estimate within a timeframe that works for you.
We can provide both printing and scanning options for your convenience.
The following drawings will be printed on a premium 24# bright white engineering bond:
18″ x 24″
24″ x 36″
30″ x 42″
36″ x 48″

*Light fill / line-drawings only. More ink will increase the cost.

We are happy to give you an estimate if your print requires more ink than standard architectural and engineering drawings.
Blueprint Printing serving the whole Bay Area.

What is an Engineering Blueprint?

Engineering Prints are large black and white prints created on plotter printers  traditionally used for engineering and architectural design and work. 
A lot of architects enjoy this sort of printing product as the artwork is big and inexpensive at times. An issue that arises with these printing products when not handled by a Professional Printing Services is that there can be lower visual and paper quality than traditional photo prints.
Engineering prints are also known as: engineer prints or more commonly as blueprints.
If you choose to print a photo in this style, it will be printed up on paper typically used for architectural plans.
This will make the photo  huge and extra light, making it easy to hang by design. We suggest using the biggest file you have on hand in order to avoid pixelation.

Additional information

Plan Size

18"x24", 24"x36", 30"x42", 36"x48"

Color or B/W Option

Black & White, Color



Production Time

3-5 Days, 1-2 Days, Same DAY

Any other sizes and Qty.

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